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style that you want. >> that's kinda cool. >> i hope you get a really nice tight pair, so you really enjoy your retail therapy. (high voice practical -- high voice) >> there's truly a shopping addiction out there to be aware of, but in moderation, shopping can be great for your health. if you go to the mall and take a few laps around the mall, it can be great exercise, shopping can be good for your health. if you want more information, go to our website, and we will see you next time! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ clipper >> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news.
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this is the bay
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looks like showers remain north of the golden gate bridge. >> a lot of moisture sitting offshore but this will make a beeline to the bay area. wide spread rain just in time for your morning commute. >> here is a wider view on satellite and radar. a lot of cloud cover associated with this system. futurecast 4 shows by 7:00 a.m. a lot of folks on the roadway. the yellow on your screen even some orange indicates moderate to heavy showers. that will continue to spread south from out the day. by 1:00 p.m. everyone contending with heavy rain. the good news is the showers will start to taper off and we head into the evening hours. round two is a had a bus. overnight developing
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saturday. mooring get to the north bay and waking up saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. pretty heavy rain. >> that will be the case throughout the weekend storm three will 00 around in time for sunday. >> temperatures now 52 for vallejo. 56 and oakland. 47 and antioch. the afternoon not much changing the numbers. we are talking mid to upper 50s. 55 expected richmond. 56 in redwood city. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain will continue into the weekend. keep
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between now and january the sixth. >> the snow is hitting parts of the midwest with flights canceled yesterday. most of the cancellations are coming out chicago o'hare and midway airports. >> check your flights before heading to the airport. mike pelton will give us a live report at the bottom of the hour from s f o. >> a hit-and-run driver who inch for the district in san francisco's twin peaks that would is under arrest. the accident was reported before 9:00 p.m. on christmas tree point road. three pedestrians were struck by the sedan. at fourth person jump out of the way. one of the victims is being treated for life- threatening injuries. one occupant in the vehicle sustained minor injuries. >> the people of new town, conn. are marking one week since the shooting at sandy hook elementary. some
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tributes are planned for later this morning to remember those who died. >> 26 christmas trees one for each victim at sandy hook elementary. 27 guardian angels representing the lives lost including the shooter's mother. marking a week since the tragedy church bells will pull on friday. >> we will be ringing it 28 times. we recognize that there are 28 lives were lost. in our face got
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allotments for everyone. part of the faith is about for giving. >> for some people it is too soon to forgive. for some people they need to go to that process. first of all grieving and morning. before there is room to forgiveness. >> in new town symbols of the holiday season mixed with signs of imme there is giv young women collect donations and head out coffee and food are free courtesy of anonymous donors from far away. >> it is a nice thing the people are heartwarming. >> after a week the wounds are still fresh. for many it is impossible to count 28. >> in the midst of what seems like what is unimaginable grereason sorrel and on this journey towards healing there is a heating pad. >> also major web sites will be participating in this moment moment of silence. it begins at 630 a it here in california. more than 100,000 people and website tap plans to participate. people are spreading the
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word by twisting with-tech moment for sandy hook. >> if you want an official bad on your web site with the green ribbon 02 causes .com to find out more. >> we will expect the in our way to hold a major news conference today. the in our executive director would discuss what the group is describing is meaningful contributions to prevent future mass shootings. in an earlier statement its members were said to be shocked, saturn, and heart broke my left friday shooting. >> would take a break. a quick look from storm tracker 4. we are watching
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storm showers to our north and over the ocean. light to moderate even heavy rain awawill work its way over the bay area inside for the morning commute as erica said.
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but us take a quick look at the market. we are seeing at this point futures trading for the dow the nasdaq and
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the s&p are negative across the board. the dow future are down about 167 points. >> we will see what happens later. stocks bounced back from wednesday's sell-off as traders were optimistic about the prospect of a deal being reached with washington to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> that was a vote of the gop tax bill stalled in the house. here is a look at the the numbers and how the market finished. the dow up 594 is at 13,00311. the nasdaq finishing the day by some six point positive. and the s and p ending the day better than seven and one- half. futures trading for the dow the nasdaq and the s and p are all negative. ahead of the opening bell. >> insragram has abandoned morning in their new service agreement. sparked by news confer concern that there photos appear never taught a. it says it has reverted to a language to a service
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contract appears was launched in 2010. instagram is owned by facebook and liked to experiment with different types of advertising. it will not as users commission to introduce products only after they're fully developed. >> facebook, meanwhile said it is testing a service that will charge users $1 to guarantee messages they sent to people they are not connected to arrive in those used in boxes, rather than and ignored folder called other. the other folder is where facebook route messages that are not relevant. not quite spam. these messages include people you most likely to not know. >> if you and your message to get their face book will charge for that. >> twitter is offering its use of a chance to keep a vigil scrapbook of their tweets. that tool designed to make it easier for people to review all of their
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activity. when it is available the downloading option will appear at the settings menu. already as is the best we thought that getting to your personal profile page. >> holiday shoppers will still have a choice between apple or samsung. apple is not giving up. apple is appealing the judge's refusal to abandon the sale of samsung smart phones. apple was order to receive over a billion dollars from samsung after it was through that samsung in french. --in frenenfring on apple's design. >> we will be chatting with
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erica she will have a full breakdown of today's weather coming on in a moment. >>
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the middle of the country is starting to dig out from a blustery snowstorm. in waterloo iowa page the snows fell. >> delivery a lot of snow blowers. >> picturesque and wisconsin for building a snowman a challenge for those clearing rose. >> the snow is wet and there's a lot moisture content. a lot of build up on the front of a blouse and hard for the snow. >> storm conditions have caused havoc on many roadways. it has left residents without power in the midwest. inside airports trouble as are facing a slight delays and cancellations. >> in the south a possible
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tornadoes touching down in mobile alabama damaged cars at this dealership. strong winds on trees are bringing wwinter with some extreme weather. >> iran through spence am andre >> kron fours jackie sissel is at the richmond san rafeal bridge keep an eye on conditions. we saw the rain coming our way now let us see what it is like out there in the morning jacket. it looks when it. >> it is windy. it is dry. the roadway is dry. i live in the bottle and i got up this morning the road was wet there was no rain but the wind right now at the richmond san rafael bridge.
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>> i saw a chp officer drive across the bridge is those people will put out the wind advisory on the bridges. it would not surprise me to see it in an advisory on the bridge. it is probably 15 decating miles per hour at the toll plaza out on the censors banned. more bus and went out there. it is dry for now. we are expected to see rain in the near future. >> thank you jackie. >> as he said the chp calls for the wind advisory on the span. one is issued with a bait bridgefor the bay bridge. >> good morning james the rain is on the way. moisture sitting offshore. the big store would be the man a wind advisory in effect until 4:00 a.m. for the north bay mountains. that has since expired, however it is gusting. the wind
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advisory goes on to mid morning for december to go coastline. drive with extra caution and keep both hands on the steering wheel. >> we are picking up like return on the radar for novato where it meets highway 37. it should be dry on your ride down highway 101 approaching the golden gate bridge. >> we are starting to see light rain along the north bay coast line is light in nature. indicated by the green on your screen. the yellow and green sitting in the ocean currently it has got to go somewhere. it will make a beeline for the bay area. on satellite and radar you can see wet weather to contend with. we have a weather storm warning in effect for the greater lake tahoe area. >> cloud cover associated with this system the rain will not make its impact until later this morning. by 7:00 a.m. yellow even more to on your screen indicates
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moderate to heavy rain. south it will pick up in intensity in the afternoon hours. it will turn to showers and taper off as we head into later tonight. >> we are not done with the wet weather in fact we're getting started. storm no. 2 will growth overnight on saturday. picking up heavier rain for santa rosa that will spread south. heavy rain expected by 7:00 a.m. saturday morning. the rain chance continues with storm no. 3 as we approach sunday. >> we are off to a mild start now we have gusty winds and light rain for some of the north bay spots. your temperatures currently sitting in the '40's and '50's. later this afternoon the rain will turn to showers. mostly cloudy conditions again the rain will start to dry half as we head into tonight. >> that is a short break here is a look at temperatures. 44 in fairfield. 56 and oakland.
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>> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows wet weather will stick around and take place into the bay area as of now we are looking get maybe 10 percent chance of showers for your christmas day. partly cloudy conditions temperatures in the mid-50s. wet weather returns as a head into your wednesday. >> you have more on your forecast coming in a bit. taking it to the traffic center. no hot spots just a wind advisory at the bay bridge. drive with extra caution keep both hands on the steering wheel of and that no accidents to report. >> here is the san mateo bridge is quiet in the west bound report of the city. >> south bound 1013 just fine more cars on the span however, the reports of roadway flooding south of santa rosa. our traffic maps show westbound 24 looks good no issues for the east shore freeway.
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>> all is well at interstate 580 coming off of the altamonte pass. no problems for delay is approaching the 580, 86 interchange. >> concord is experiencing a spike in burglaries this holiday season. in the past seven days the contra police reported 19 burglaries. nine of those happened at homes. that is up from the previous week. benjamin is adolph jamal. last tuesday his home was burglarized for the first time in 16 years. he and his wife place awareness letters in neighbors' mailboxes saying someone had broken into their bathroom window in daylight and stole valuable jewelry. >> here is also sums of vice is giving to secure. >> lock your doors and be on alert. keep your valuables in a safe deposit box that is the best thing you could do. >> unfortunately concord
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police say burglaries' rise during the holiday season. >> yosemite park officials have decided to demolish some of the tent cabins where it is believed that 10 people contract of the hantavirus. we have some video. those structured tent cabins that are being demolished more than four a month in the village during the summer the park closed nearly 100 of them. they sent cleaning crews to sanitize and the queen. maintenance workers skilled and tide of the vinyl coating. as we know three people have died from the virus and the city is doing what they can to make sure that does not happen again. >> will take a break get 4 :22. we have a live look at re off shore. we have light to moderate in heavy rain contained in that cloud. it should make its way here in
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time isn't that nice. at least is friday. we will be right back.
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>> we are backed at 4:24. how falcons felt as their version of plan be designed to avert the fiscal cliff. the gop leadership cancel the vote and told members technical home for the christmas break. local analysts say the speaker of the house did not have enough votes to pass a version of his plan. would have extended the bush era tax for everyone except millionaires and those people would not have that- would have a higher tax. >> there is little to the a time to try and vote on a plan be again after the christmas break. it is likely dead. the house speaker's lleadership
4:27 am
position could be in jeopardy as well. the house is expected to reconvene later in the year. >> a congressional committee in charge of combining the house and senate versions of the bill agreed on the final version. the 1.7 percent pay raise. the compromise will authorize billions of dollars with the department of defense for the fiscal year of 2013. it proposes an additional 1000 marines secured are to survey of u.s. consulates in the seas around the world. >> the bill must be approved by president. >> a floater lawmaker has filed a bill to provide the stand your ground law. under the proposed measure people found to be the aggressor in altercations will not be able to seek protection under that self-defense law. the bill would also allow law enforcement officers to investigate suspects who invoke the law under questionable circumstances. >> tdrevon martin was gunned down by george zimmerman who is now claimed self-defense
4:28 am
under that law. >> one of the marines involved in a desecration of the bodies of tell them fight it is getting a light sentence. a military judge ruled the marine who pled guilty to urinating on the bodies while posing for pictures in afghanistan be sentenced to 30 days' confinement. reduction in rank by three great and a $2,000 fine. >> the lieutenant general overseeing the case live is the person to $500 and a reduction in rank by just one grave. >> will take a > >4:2. 7 still tracking the weather. rain on the way. here's a live look is on track for you could see it offshore. erica will be allowed into this to give us a better look.
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>> we are back deck 4:30. a handful of cars are making their way to the toll plaza. a wind advisory had been issued by the chp. you can't feel the wind as you make your way across span. we would check with erica in a minute. we will go outside we are anticipating the busiest day for travelers to day. folks are going to the security gates and delays could be a possibility. not only do we have our local weather we have nasties firms working their way across the nation's midsection. it delayed a lot of flights out chicago. >> mike pelton our solo reporter at sfo are keeping an eye out conditions. the morning light. >> the morning james. traffic fairly like it was just beginning to show up and head out of town for the holidays as them with family and friends. today is expected to become the busiest travel day of the holiday season. 130,000
4:32 am
passengers expected to pass through. over 2 million expected over the christmas holiday when it is all said and done. because of a large crowds over the holiday season officials would like to pass along some htips for you. >> get off as parking garages will be full. >> did not wrap presents in case the security of the need to check your bags. >> if possible pack any snow globes. do not attempt in to hear them on the plane. they contain live with. put those in your checked luggage >> every time you fly it is a good idea to plan ahead especially to date san francisco is expecting so me storms later today. >> some nasty forms of delays out chicago moving to the northeast. if you are flying to the northeast are expected from that part of
4:33 am
the country a good idea to keep an eye on those flights here this morning. james. >> absolutely. thank you james. we have rain shot approach erica has a closer look. good morning erica. >> good morning james. most of the wet weather activity sticking close to the golden gate bridge. the rain has been felt in the past 12 hours we have received a half-inch of rain for the santa rosa area. you could see light rain approaching san rafeal. it was raining moments ago around 10137 interchange. santa rosa contending with light rain you will need to use your windshield wipers down highway 1 01. the rain in napa and sonoma county has been that way for the overnight hours. >> leading offshore. you can see the yellow and once on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain. that will have to go some where it will impact the bay area.
4:34 am
>> futurecast 4 shows at the 8:00 our rain will approach the rest of the bay area. associated with the main front was the gusty conditions. now we see a wind gust up to 30 m.p.h. along the coastline. and when the advis we have a winter storm warning in the sierra. certainly bring your chains. the rain will turn to showers later in the afternoon. it should start to taper off completely as the head into the evening hours. if you are heading to tahoe. to to 5 ft. above 7,000 ft.. west of highway 89. wins a factor there. wind speeds the same at 25 m.p.h.. here's a look at what you expect. rain a possibility as we head to the weekend. thunderstorm to the instability on tap for your saturday afternoon. >> heavy rain on sunday
4:35 am
morning. it will turn into showers into sunday night. unstable weather stick around the bay area with the exception of christmas day. >> here is your extended forecast. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast keep an umbrella handy when needed. your inland lows will not be bad for the most part we will be down into the '40's. george. >> thank you erica. we're looking at a light ride around the bay area. here is the bay bridge there is a wind advisory was issued by the california highway patrol in the early morning hours. likely the result of the dancing storm. like as of the south bay peninsula and the north bay commute no delays 4101 southbound. >> thank you george. that headline caltrans plans to open state highway 1 to at least one way traffic control between my ears great road and for ross
4:36 am
wrote in sonoma county on saturday whether permitting that segment of road has been closed when storms underg mind the ground. >> a hit and run driver will inch for pedestrians and san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood is under arrest. the accident was reported shortly before 9:00 on christmas tree with gold. three professors were struck by that sedan. there was a fourth person. he managed to drop out of the way. one of the victims being treated for light trading injuries. there was an occupied in the vehicle that sustained minor injuries. california's utility regulators have decided to allow pg&e pass on part of the cost of pipeline upgrades to the customer. the utility company was ordered to improve the safety of its natural gas pipeline system following the massive 2010 explosion in san bruno which destroyed an entire neighborhood and left eight
4:37 am
people dead. >> not with the approval of state regulators pg&e customers will pay more than half of the cost of the $2.2 billion upgrade. this translates to about $1 more on utility bills. city leaders are outraged by the decision. >> a vigil was held in san francisco's bayview district for the city's most recent homicide victim. members of the city's catholic archdiocese parade and some hymns that the location of seven senior both montdrel blakely was gunned down. a popular student of concord high school was shocked. the archdiocese said they conduct the sidewalks and services at the scene of all violent deaths oppositin the ci >> if you want to say that each life is important. we want to remember them. there
4:38 am
were a carelessly and publicly killed want to say you are important. >> blakely is the city's 67th murder victim this year. the 45th homicide involving firearms. >> school will continue as normal today after a deadly shooting put to school on lot down. that shooting an apartment complex led to the locked out of nearby south gate elementary and martin luther king jr. middle school. this is the ill courtesy of scott 7 a to see it happen after 1030 at sleepy hollow ave. the schools were given the all clear to hours later. no word on the rest or the identity of the victim. >> santa clara officers have arrest a third suspect accused of the handyman. richard rodriguez jr. turned himself into the alameda police department. he was wanted for assaulting a handyman with a deadly weapon and holding him hostage on december 3rd. two others have been charged.
4:39 am
they forced the man to do household affairs at home in morgan hill the handyman man is to escape and notified police. >> we will take a briquets 4:37. --we will take a break. we are seeing light showers. more on the way. erica will have a look at the forecast coming up in a bit.
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>> we're back. north korea said it has retained a american simpson who has confescitizen who has confessedo to crimes. >> pakistan have been urged
4:42 am
to remain a college in honor of the girl was shot. the 15 year-old who became a symbol of you resistance to the caliban made the request after students broke into the school and would got a class. >> renames the college in danger than lies. >> to state employees testify before the senate and the first two hearings the deadly attack that killed four americans in benghazi. it comes after an interview released a report on the tax-writing " systematic failures of leadership and management deficiencies at the state department. >> various state hillary clinton is unable to attend the hearings following her doctor's orders to rest after a concussion. she is expected to appear next month and from the foreign affairs committee. >> an american citizen has been detained who has confessed to unspecified crimes. >> state media says a
4:43 am
citizen entered the north as a tourist. the north says the kron were proven to evidence would not elaborate. they have detained several americans in recent years. >> will take a break years4:42. we have rain on the way. it should impact our morning commute and on the winand the wind is blowing t there. >> stuff again there is favorite way to bring in the new year. on kron 4. the biggest party, spectacular fireworks. can be enjoyed on our live special hosted by catherine hennan and gary radnich
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( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly
4:46 am
>> 7 and market street in san francisco is an area full of activity and action that you have to see to believe it. >> before i tell you why this fight broke out you might want to finish what you are eating. >> if your looking for something to by this might be the place however, chances are he will get what you pay for. >> for example this man is carrying fedex box. this is a computer cable. which is an image of a laptop. most of us know that fedex does not advertise what is a the bottom it reads fed ex. >> he managed to sell the fed ex box not before he partially revealed what is inside. >> the fedex box put back in the bad in the sale is made. the buyers stuffed inside his backpack and lead but not before talking to me. >>. openness see what you
4:47 am
have. >> this man with his hat on selling this by for $35. he wants something from it. >> i'm talking to you like a man. give me my picture. >> this man told me he was one of the whispers producers and wanted me to listen to a new group. >> this man tried to sell me a frozen chicken from a local church food giveaway. >> these women are regular they hit of food banks and get free food and resell it. >> despite the not for resale label. >> they do this every day. look at this. the all right in a band that takes into the food bank to do just this. >> you should have enough time to finish your food.
4:48 am
this fight began after one of these guys through fecal matter on the sky. it got in his face, in his mouth, and in his eye. >> the police arrive and this man was a arrested. they found a week and a needle. >> this is as some people say off the hook. >> in san francisco stanley roberts. kron 4 news. >> it is4:47. let us talk about the weather that could impact traffic. erica has a look. >> good morning james. storm tracker 4 is showing it to assist a steady rain in the bay area. if no showers out of the golden gate bridge. the rain its making its presence. of a a half inch for santa rosa in just the past 12 hours. you can see we are picking up light ride around a bottle. that is highway 37101 split--of
4:49 am
novato. yellow on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain to come. >> it has rain in napa and sonoma county. some light rain in the santa rosa area. the surface streets are impacted. is currently raining along burnsville road. lewis wrote as well. lose your when shall wipers as you head out the door. -- use your when shoppwindshield wipers. >> a wind advisory effect for the san francisco coastline. we have experienced thus up to 30 m.p.h.. will continue into midmorning. the wind's will die down to the afternoon. rain will pick up. it will be a messy one doing your morning commute outside.
4:50 am
>> roadways could be flooded that is a possibility. as we head into the 1:00 hour later this afternoon the rain will intensify. expected iran for most of the bay area. it will start to taper off into the evening hours. overnight heading into saturday. storm number two approaches bringing heavy rain to the north bay. >> this system was light south as you wake up on saturday morning. >> saturday afternoon instability. a thunderstorm and possibility. we do set the stage for more ranks steady rain, as we head into your sunday. >> and high spirits 51 for fairfield. 544 concord. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain each day. morning showers on monday. they will taper off as we get into the afternoon. christmas day should be dry. >> the dry spell will be
4:51 am
short-lived as we had in to wednesday and a minimal role to bring showers to the bay area. george. >> thank you erica. no problems reported because of the rain in man ogles as expected. we may see a high number of accidents. light traffic. the bridges are clear. >> the bay bridge as you see a wind advisory in place i did not know how long it will be in effect. >> the san mateo bridge ride 92 looks good light traffic at 11 minute drive time. >> the golden gate bridge the crews are changing the pylons and setting it up for adding a fourth later and taking away the ball for rain in between north and southbound side. >> the east bay ride interstate 580 looks good in the westbound direction no delays there. >> south bay freeways are clear. 101 north bound. 85 northbound. 280 looks good. >> no slow traffic on 101
4:52 am
southbound. a 23 minute drive time from novato to the bridge. >> the humane society is offering a discount from now to the in the month for anyone looking to adopt a dog or cat. the normal fee to adopt at the shelter can be as much as $200. that is a bargain compared to that stores. the silicon valley humane society is having a holiday special for anyone wanting to dog or cat for $12 per animal until the end of the month. the society says not only will they set you up with a pet but they will match you with a pet that feature lifestyle. if you are looking for a cow to a we have them. if you are looking for a dog to start off your new year's resolution for running an exercise in we have that dog. >> the society is in full push. to get dogs and cats
4:53 am
adopted by the end of the month. it should be 1200. more than 700 and was have been found since the promotion started. >> one church in the south bay is making sure christmases' extra special for those in need. sacred heart community services in san jose where more than 17,000 donated toys were destroyed to needy families across the south bay. people stayed in line until midnight to claim toys a new bicycle and books. >> we actually have tons of families people staying overnight to get the opportunity to share the joys of the holiday. >> the toys and the books were donated by individuals.
4:54 am
to the tune of $300,000. sect heart has been providing help to families year-round for more than 30 years. >> will take a quick break and we will continue to follow the weather as we watch for showers to impact your morning commute. they're using a band of rain. it is headed towards san francisco. >> dr. phil can be found after the kron 4
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> we are back at 4:55. >> you can see the 10 caltran camera showing of snow on the side of the road. it will make it more difficult as we get a new system rolling through the bay area. it is expected to bring snow to the higher elevations in tahoe. it should be great skiing conditions. getting there as
4:57 am
usual will be a challenge a legend returns to the big screen while another actor drops out of an upcoming movie. >> martha shade has details in hollywood minute. >> gear up for the return of ron burgundy. paramount pictures have set the anchormen sequel release date for 2013. will farrell returns as the anchor man alongside steve carrel. >> been african christian stores are starring in a comedy. the leading man has dropped out he has a bit too much on his plate speeto fit the film is scheduled. >> he has three films in the works. warner brothers is on the hunt for a replacement. >> a beautiful baby boy for actor claire danes. they
4:58 am
will on their son on december 17th. >> his name is cyrus michael christopher dance tsancie. >> for hollywood minute i'm martha shade. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a moment of silent will be held for the victims of the connecticut school shooting. it is the busiest travel day of the world as at all with winter weather across the midwest we could see thousands of canceled flights again today. >> wind advisories in effect for some parts of the bay area this morning. we will have more on your rain and hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership.
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[ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. >> kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m.
5:01 am
stores now. good morning the top stores on this friday december 21st. it is been 1 weeks as the chesapeake sandy hook elementary school in town, conn. the nation will recognize a moment of silence. >> the national rifle association speaking out regarding gun control here in the u s. we will tell you what they had to say. >> a big drop expected on wall street. >> the big bay area news and weather is the rain which is on the way. you can see it just starting in the north bay and the wind which is already here. you can see the flag is blowing hard. we have team coverage of the weather. let us turn to our solo reporter jackie sissel. he is live at the richness and reoffrichmond san rafeal br. becaus >> the wind is the issue at
5:02 am
the richmond san rafeal bridge. looking at 15 to 25 moloch wins.mile an hour winds.p officers make the call on the wind advisory. i know there is an advisory on the bay bridge. it would not surprise me if one was issued on the richmond san rafael bridge. >> heavy rain--heavy winds no rain yet. >> will this just be a heavy rain as wind driven. >> both sarya. >> the wind is ahead of the system. we have a wind advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. this morning for the sentences coastline. we have observed wind speeds gust in fact up to 30 mi.
5:03 am
per hour around half moon bay. as we take the storm tracker 4 is raining and has picked up in intensity novato yellow on your screen indicating moderate to heavy rain. that is over the freeway 101 approaching the 37 interchange. >> over in half inch in santa rosa closer to two- thirds of an edge in the past 12 hours. >> an ideal for napa and sonoma counties. the surface streets are impacted missing out avenue, burns bill road, and lewis wrote. you will need to use your wind chil shield wipers. >> burns until roaas we head ine
5:04 am
afternoon the rain will turn to showers later to day most exotic conditions will start to dry out. overnight system will grow through pushing into saturday. full details on what to expect in my next report. >> so far is a light rid we are not ctracking any problems with delays for your commute. >> hardly any traffic getting through here all. it is one of the lighter mornings. in the east bay for interstate 580 in high way for it is light traffic. as it is a the south bay on the peninsula and the north that while. james. >> to date is anticipated to be one of the busiest days for as at all where travelers are hoping at least for a better day than they had yesterday. storms across the midwest cost
5:05 am
thousands of cancellations. let us find out the situation with kron 4 solo reporter mike nelson. hey mike. >> good morning james more travelers beginning to show up--mike pelton. >> many people heading out town to spend the holidays with family and friends. i spoke with some people got here earlier to the crowds. >> we got up early release early. that is my strategy. --really, really early. >> because of a large volume of travels officials pass on these tips. if you are flying the not wrap presents in case a security officer may need to check your bags. >> pack a snow below in your checked bag and not
5:06 am
bring it on the flight because it contains a liquid. >> get a drop off iparking garages will be full. >> check your flight status ahead of time especially today with rain headed into the bay area. that cause problems as well as a nasty series of storms getting to and from chicago yesterday's that cause problems. >> we will speak with the duty manager to drop the morning it passed along in its lead to problems to you here on kron 4 morning news. back to you. >> very good mike. that is one of the big stores were falling. >> the governor of connecticut has planned a national moment of silence with the victims of the new town school shooting. >> the bells of new town will ring 26 times one for each child at each staff member who was killed at school last friday. it happened at 630 our time and
5:07 am
that is when the moment of silence will happen this morning. president obama will be observing a private of silence at the white house. >> the international rifle association will speak out. they plan to address report performers and critics. the first public of it since the shooting. the group says it will offer a meaningful contribution to help make shootings like what happened in connecticut does not happen again. >> they have not yet addressed how they would do it. they may work with members of congress who are expected to consider tighter restrictions on firearms to the new year. the nra has largely kept out of sight since last week shooting. the took down their face book page and silence that twitter account. >> at 7:45 a.m. our time will carry a press conference live. >> also watching the latest from the fiscal cliff talks. the house of records in this family to vote on a plan to keep taxes from rising on most americans come january 1st. >> now is up to the senate.
5:08 am
the house speaker conceding last night that the measure did not happen. his so- called plan be dead in the water. we are receiving word that the speaker will hold a press conference at 7 this morning with the republican caucus unable to come together it appears more likely that we are going to go over the fiscal cliff. >> i am watching wall street closely. dow future is doubt over 160 points down. a lot more on the market's coming up of as kron 4 morning news continues after this break. ?ñ
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:11 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news watching wall street closely. the dow closing up 60 points. wall street turning its attention to washington to house speaker could not garner enough republican support to vote on a plan. for those making over a million dollars a year. is growing concern that the republican caucus will not be able to come together in the house to pass a fiscal cliff plan.
5:12 am
>> dow futures down 167 points now. dow, nasdaq and s&p futures fall down around 1%. >> existing home sales rose 5.9% in november, the highest rate since november 2009. >> coming up friday, we'll get an economic report on personal spending and income, and earnings from walgreen. >> will we go into free fall as expectations are growing dim on a deal for the fiscal cliff. the opening bell at 630. >> that sparked outcries from users concerted meant there photos appear in advertisements. >> the popular mobile shares service said it has reverted to language in the advertising section of its terms of service that appeared when was lost in october 2010. >> instagfram is now owned
5:13 am
by facebook and maintains that it would like to experiment with different forms of advertising to make money. >> it's a block post says that it will ask you this mission to introduce possible at products only after they have fully developed. >> 5:12 a.m. is the time right now. we will be back with more in a couple of
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>> and this just into the kron 4 morning news a stabbing death in san jose this morning. police called here to the 1600 block of oakland road in north san jose. on reports of a man with stab wounds brown three this morning. the man died at the hospital last an hour later. this is san jose's 45th homicide of the year. >> let us put our eyes on the weather. we're giving an eye on a storm that slammed to the midwest. this is video out of rockford,
5:17 am
illinois. >> that looks tough to drive in. >> the storms when for five deaths in five states. >> the storms will be across the great lakes after dumping more than a foot of snow in parts of the midwest and prompting airlines to cancel more than 100 flights--1000 flights. >> was of a canceled flight for chicago o'hare and midway international airports. >> aviation officials said more than 355 for cancelled at o'hare and more than 150 at midway. >> south was airlines is anticipating or more orissa's is morning in chicago. >> nine airlines also plans a full schedule. >> to have another live report from as f o at 530. >> we have our on snoowns no to deal with. >> bus turned over to erica
5:18 am
she has a comprehensive look both nationally and locally about the weather today. erica. >> good morning there is so much whether to talk about let us take to satellite and radar and focus our attention on what is happening in the midwest. the blue and purple indicates snowfall although, is currently snow in the chicago area the snow accumulation of its is not a big factor. >> it is the blowing of it. we have blizzard like conditions. wind speeds in aspect of 60 m.p.h.. we are seeing a lot of flight cancellations. regions of by a white out light conditions. madison wisconsin received upward of 19 in. of snow recently. a lot of active weather currently headed for the midwest. it is starting to die down. we do have a lot of power outages in the area. and officials say that should be rectified as we head into saturday. a lot of the active weather will start to die down as we head
5:19 am
into the weekend. that is the story we will continue to monitor here on kron 4. we have our own active whether to deal with ourselves. >> storm tracker 4 shows a lot of rain in the north bay now. it is pretty much stayed there. this a slow- moving system. we have seen up short of two-thirds of an inch of rain for santa rosa in the past 12 hours. >> we want to zooming to see where it is raining. light ride around novato. 101-at the 37 interchange. >> this will continue to push east. we are seeing a lot of heavy rain for portions of napa and sonoma county. the yellow on it some red on your screen we are seeing heavier rains for the windsor area. portions of highway 1 01. that is on the tip of santa rosa. it will continue to push east. on street view you could see surface streets impacted.
5:20 am
not only 101 but windsor road as well. heavier rain for pleasant road. keep your umbrella handy. a lot of the moisture is sitting offshore. again it has to go somewhere it will slide into the bay. anticipating heavy rain, just in time for the peak of your morning commute. >> here is satellite and radar we are contending with rain cloud cover in the bay area. snow in the sierra. we get if you are headed in that direction bring your change we have a winter storm warning in effect until 4:00 a.m. on monday. >> 7:00 a.m. a lot of people on the freeway. an orange yellow on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain will continue to grow and the tips the and shipped south as we head into later this afternoon. >> a wind advisory expires by 10:00 a.m.. showers will taper off as we head into later tonight. >> not it is to dry
5:21 am
conditions because of number two will roll through in the overnight hours. >> heavy rain for just about everyone waking up on saturday. >> your afternoon highs not much difference in the cards temperatures. for napa. 57 for oakland. 55 in livermore. >> at thunderstorm possible into saturday and steady rain for sunday. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain unstable weather each and every day. monday afternoon however, should be a dry one. the dry spell will continue on to christmas. >> cannot be used it however, rain will stick around and come back to the bay area as we head into wednesday and thursday. thank you erica. we are still monitoring a good ride for the bay area. no hot spot for delays. no major incidents at the bay bridge exceptionally light traffic this morning. >> the interstate 80 drive
5:22 am
is light traffic as well. >> the san mateo bridge 92 light traffic not a lot going on here. neither east nor west bound commutes direction. beneath the golden gate bridge crews are finishing the reconfiguration of the span. we are looking at light traffic both south and north bound. >> the east shore freeway the drive time from hercules to berkeley 11 minutes. i cannot remember the last time i saw that drive time except maybe on a sunday morning. >> west 24 and south 680 look good. >> south bay freeways are delays free. >> no problems or 85 was down up to mount you. >> for 23 minutes from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> in the latest on freeway shooting on highway 85 the shares deputy in santa clara are still searching for the gunman who fired shots as he was driving on highway 85 in cupertino. >> here is the scene this
5:23 am
scene from sky 7 ht. >> the bullets hit the driver side of the karsh shattering the two rear windows as well on the passenger side the manhunt continues police in santa clara are asking for the public's at check out shooter. >> thank you mark. will take a quick break live at the san mateo bridge as far as we can tell there is not been a wind advisory issued for this ban. there is one in affect for the bay bridge. gusty at the richmond san rafael bridge as well. we will see if they will issue an advisory there. >> now 51 degrees. to enter to go up to about 55 in rain is likely. >> cannot forget the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year is always with kron 4. it is hosted by
5:24 am
catherine heena and gary radnich kron fours new year's live.
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
>> welcome at the time is 525. this is a feel-good story that is starting to feel strange. >> it turns out that marine sergeant we told you about who stood guard outside the central valley elementary school is an emeryville anymore and was never a sergeant. >> craig pulsey started standing guard outside of hughson elementary school after the shooting conn. >> according to the department of cents, pulsey is not a 10 year veteran of the marine corps is with service in iran and afghanistan as he told sacramento television station. >> the d o d says pulsey was
5:28 am
a private first class was serve nine months back in 2007 but that is not all that is wrong with his story. >> was school posted on line that he was injured in the line of duty after serving two stores. >> he told me he was sent overseas three times. >> any tours? >> two in direct, one in afghanistan. >> another lie, according to the military, pulsey was never deployed overseas, instead was station in san diego, again for less than a year. >> one schoolmistress learn he was lying about his service record he was kicked off campus. >> i was just telling a mum about the story in the first thing the was out of her mouth is did they check them out. >>--a maom.
5:29 am
>> we will take a quick break. will be back with
5:30 am
5:31 am
good morning. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. we are taking it to storm tracker for picking up lane north of the golden gate bridge. it has been running for sonoma and napa counties overnight. we have seen up to two-thirds of an inch of rain for the santa rosa area. >> that is just the past 12 hours. >> novato 101 at 37 current the drive it would not say that with a long period up north you can see heavy rain. the yellow and orange on your screen that is currently moving past santa rosa but expect wet driving conditions area >> to a wider view satellite and radar shows rain in the bay area that translates to
5:32 am
snow in the sierra. the rain will only intensify after the course of the day. >> off 7:00 a.m. a lot of people out on the freeway is the peak of your morning commute. heavy rain for the north bay. heavy rain picking up in san francisco to about the bid peninsula. that is at the clock into motion the rain will intensify a letter this afternoon. than it will start to taper off in time for the evening hours. >> a lot of people have outdoor plants again keep an umbrella handy if you will be out overnight. storm to will grow through 2:00 a.m. on saturday. >> impacting the north bay first and then will spread its way south. and iran expected just-in-time for waking up saturday morning. >> here is a look at your current temperatures much warmer than yesterday. we were in the mid-20s for places like pleasanton today we are at 50, 524 concord. as we head into the afternoon we will warm up by a couple of degrees. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows wet
5:33 am
weather will stick around it looks like a showers will start to subside as ahead and stay. >> thank you erica. >> the time is 5 3:02 a.m.. new this morning president obama says his administration has received an out point for stricter gun laws after the school shooting in connecticut. >> that is something we will follow that is one of our big stores. >> we're also continuing our team coverage of the weather. >> yoli live. what is going on there. >> hi yoli can you hear me? >> yes darya can hear you. >> is basically the quiet before the storm over here in contra costa. the wind is not that bad and no sign of
5:34 am
the rain. >> when you are crossing the bay bridge you want to have both hands on the steering wheel is strong there. as soon as i got into the contra costa county area downtown area near walnut creek is 3com. probably not expecting rain for not another hour have. >> we will check back with you think you've yli. >> how is traffic george?. very light. hardly any traffic coming into the bay bridge this morning. this is one of the light is more is i've seen. as and give you a quick, it check note even in the east bay at this hour we would normally see slow traffic on interstate 580 and highway 4. right now we do not have much debt. >> thank you george. at 5:33 a.m. lead us go back to what is going on with the
5:35 am
shootings in connecticut. >> president obama has said they have got an outpouring of support for stricter gun laws. after the suishooting in connecticut where an elementary school was fired upon by shooter repeal 20 children. >> the president says the in responding to an on-line petition on the white house website in which nearly 200,000 people have pushed for of control. this morning the president of on site is at the white house marking one weeks as the shooting in town. >> all 50 states to sign petitions takin asking us to take serious action on gun violence in this country. >> i want to take a moment to let you know we hear you. >> i believe the second minute guarantees the individual right to bear arms. we have a strong to ditradition of gun ownership. >> most gun owners in
5:36 am
america are response. they buy their guns legally in use in safely. >> it is encouraging that many gun owners as stepped- up to say there are steps and take to prevent what tragedies like the one in town. >> we will take our rights and kids. >> this week i called on congress to take up and as a common-sense legislation to enhance the support of the majority of the american people including banning the sale of military-style assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips. >> making sure criminals cannot take advantage a legal loopholes to get their hands on a gun. >> i also task of the the vice president to come up with a set of comprehensive proposals to keep our own children safe. >> improving mental and addressing a culture that too often glorifies gun violence. i will push for them early in the year. i will do everything in my power as president to advance these efforts.
5:37 am
>> because if there's even one thing and do is a country to protect our children have a responsibility to try. >> the president was responding to in on line a petition on the white house website in which nearly 2000 people a push for gun control. >> this morning the president will hold a moment of silence at the white house marking one weeks as the shooting in new town. >> that is happening in just under an hour at 630 our time. >> of the first time we will hear from the national rifle association to see if they offer any minute for changes to gun laws. >> with for their press, it said 745 this morning. at 7:00 a.m. we will hear from speaker of the house he could not get enough support for his plan b boat. that would have kept the lower tax rates we're seeing from expiring on january 1st for all americans except for those making over $1 million a year. >> it is increasingly likely that we will go the fiscal cliff tax increases for all
5:38 am
americans and sharp spending cuts from january 1st and keep a close watch on wall street. by now dow futures are down 169. the head of the opening bell. >> will be right back with kron 4 morning
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> the stock out whether and how would be potentially affecting travel at s f o. we have a combination of things we're watching. whether in the midwest has been rather disruptive for at least the last couple of days. flights have been canceled and mike pelton is alive at s f o. >> you can see traffic picking up at s f o. there are about 130,000 passengers a pass through here today. many are heading home for the holidays.
5:42 am
inside the terminal everything is running smoothly. i spoke with the duty manager and he said they may have to put in a ground light of fact into effect over the next couple of hours. that is after seeing all the weather checks out here this morning. it would cause some delays for arriving flights. i was told between 7 8:00 this morning so pay attention if you have any flights or family coming and from the work philadelphia and laguardia they're already in the ground like program. not any problems as of all yet but it could cause a trickle down effect later on. we will continue to monitor delays here at s f o. >> as we go to the break we
5:43 am
are checking storm tracker 4. glen ellen you can see basically the areas that are starting to get wet but the storm will be moving in. we will be right back. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> the nra is returning to the spotlight one week after a mass shooting that killed 26 people at a conn elementary school. he also killed his mother as well. the nation's largest gun rights lobby plans to address reporters and critics about one hour from now. its first public debt since last week's shooting. the 4.3 million-member group will be commenting on this today. also the latest on this season's widespread snow storm that continues to wallop holiday travelers.
5:47 am
the storm has across the great lakes this morning after dumping more than a foot of snow and parts of the midwest and prompting airlines to cancel more than 1000 flights. s f o expected totravel day for the hy season. that is something we're keeping our eye, over at s f o as well as the commute or the roads if you're getting out of town. take a look here live at the richmond san revell bridge. that is clearly dry and clear but that is supposed to change and erica is keeping our eye on the timing of the storm. >> good morning and in the bay area and a big factor is the wind it especially for the coastline. in the north bay you can see all the yellow and green on the screen and we will zoom in on storm tracker 4. this is making its way closer to the toll plaza. sliding up the
5:48 am
mexican see heavier rain has pushed its way east. heels' bird down 1 01 into santa rosa. it just depends on where you are located. surface streets are wet but we have not heard any reports of flooding whatsoever. this is something we will continue to monitor. satellite and radar shows rain in the bay area right now and snow in the sierra. we have a winter storm warning in effect that will last until monday morning. it will pick up just in time for your morning commute on the roadways. expect really hazardous driving conditions for the rest in san revell bridge, bay bridge, portions of the nimitz freeway. yellow indicates moderate to heavy rain. it will pick up and intensity and had its way south in the afternoon. showers will start to taper off sometime later on tonight. don't get too used
5:49 am
to dry weather because storm no. 2 will roll through as we had to 2:00 a.m. on saturday. it looks like saturday morning all the yellow on your screen like it's the bay area a lot of heavy rain is expected. current temperatures of 54 out the door and oakland 53 in hayward that looks like temperatures on the climb a couple of degrees as we head into the afternoon. 7 day around the bay shows rain will last well into sunday. when the storm totals are all said and done 46 in. for the north bay, that is more for the hills and mountains. a slim chance for rain on sunday and monday morning but tuesday, christmas day will be a dry one with temperatures in the '50s. by 40 8:00 a.m. and here is traffic with george.
5:50 am
>> we're looking at a light ride still on the bay bridge as well as the bay area. chp is not even tracking a very large number of incidents right now. stalls, accidents or otherwise. the san mateo bridge is looking at an easy ride, no delays in either direction. also a good commute for the golden gate bridge. 12 minutes from the hercules to berkeley ride through the san ramon valley. the 580 ride coming up the 43 minutes is not my let's get away from it. the alta not pass is pretty light traffic right now. south bay freeways look good with no delays showing on the road sensors. the same is true for them rent ride 1 01 southbound.
5:51 am
>> big game for the 49 is in seattle and they could be without one of their best defensive players for their sunday night match up in seattle. just as mad as missed practice all week with an injured elbow when he heard and sunday's game over the patriots. smith hasn't missed a game in 11 years. 49ers safety of the son of gold san is no stranger to nfl fines. he has heard from the lead office more than a dozen times in his six year career. he estimates his been fined $70,000 in just four stocks, pants and other uniform violations. it is it it was a hit on the patriots tight end eric hernandez that drew the latest one to $1,000 fine for a delay. wilson up plans to appeal fine he doesn't plan on changing the way he plays.
5:52 am
the nhl is now close to the canceling the entire season. the players walked out by the owners as the negotiations for a new contract seemed to be going nowhere. all games are ready been cancelled for january 14th and appears they do not reach a deal the next three weeks the entire season will be cancelled. michael phelps is the associated press male athlete of the year. retires where ads out of run james in voting announcing in a fit of fitting playoff for winning four golds and two silvers at the london games. phelps is the most decorated olympian ever. >> the silicon valley humane society is offering a big discount from now to the end of the month for anyone looking to adopt a dog or cat is holiday season. the normal fee to adopted daughter kat at a shelter can be as much as $200. that's a bargain compared to pet stores with a silicon
5:53 am
valley humane society is rolling out a holiday special for anyone who wants a new dog or cat and a family this holiday season. $12 per animal through the end of the month. the society says not only with a steady up with a pat this holiday season, they say they will match one your new pet to your lifestyle. >> if you're looking for a couch potato we have them, if you are looking for aid dog to exercise with we have that one for you to. >> this is ideas and a full push mode to get some 1200 dogs and cats adopted by the end of the month. they said they've actually been doing pretty good and responses been fantastic. several animals that found a new home already. >> this is dangerous. they are usually 100 or $200. >> if you get it from a
5:54 am
breeder in could be five or 600 bucks. >> the time i always fall for that how about a new year's party that is going to be fun? the joint our live coverage and turn on the tv new year's eve. 1130, all the action starts. we will be right back.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
one church in the south bay is making sure christmas is extra special for those in need. this is sacred heart community services in san jose where more than 17,000 donated toys and books were distributed to needy families across the south bay. some of the more than 5700 people on sacred
5:58 am
heart's shopping list shivered and a cold since midnight to be able to claim to joyce. a look at a chance at a new bicycle. >> we actually have tons and tons of families that come out. people that stay over night just to have a chance to enjoy the holidays this week. >> the delays were donated by individuals as well as silicon valley corporations. to the tune of some $300,000. say there is an for writing help to needy families year round for more than 30 years. >> coming up at 6:00 the latest on the rain. is really coming down in the north bay right now. we are tracking the storm has led to the bay area. we will tell you what is ours raining your neighborhood. also in trouble at s f o n delays over four hours already. the nation coming
5:59 am
together for a moment of silence, we will go live to new town conn with the sandy hook community. the kron4 news continues in just two minutes.

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